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The Monthly Rosters

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The April 5, 2014 Roster

Louis Monnich

"If I had to describe my work in a sentence, it would have to be 'fantastical with a positive edge." Acrylic fantasy art takes a new spin with Fantasy POV, where you are given a first-person perspective in the world of imagination. 713-374-5529

Mike Peyton

“My “canvas” of choice is the gourd and my “brush” of choice is the Sharpie Pen. I am often asked what’s my “style”; I would call it “Simple Geometrical Expressionism”. My main inspiration comes from the Southwest and Native American art. I like the simplicity of positive and negative space and find the use of simple individual geometric designs grouped together allow the simple “geometry” to appear more complicated, but still flow. I believe this makes it “easier” for people to understand the effort required to create my designs without questioning the methodology used to achieve it. 361-945-0677

Terry Fromm

I make small objects with metal, some wearable and some not. My sterling silver jewelry line contains flowing designs that mimic fabric, ribbons, or leaves. My holloware collection is made from a variety of metals, primarily pewter, copper, and brass, and includes both functional and decorative pieces. 832-275-2168

Cynthia Kerens Art

Landscapes and beautiful places painted in oils or acrylics. Abstracts are based on lines from nature and colors from my imagination. 832-752-3633

Roberto Tapia

My artistic style could be considered bold and colorful with playful color tones. It's influenced by my growing up in two very different places with different customs. My works include paintings in various styles. 832-335-3392


I create art interpretations of life. Each moment of time is different. The lighting, the people the moment of time itself. I capture life using a instant film camera then i interpret its spirit as a artist. I paint on top of the actual photograph ( 2.5 inches x 5 inches ) creating a one of a kind art piece. The photo is now art and there is no other copy of the actual photo. When the art is complete it represents that one of a kind moment in time. I call my technique : LIQUID EMULSION. The eye of a photographer. The heart of a artist.

My art is available both as original and in printed versions. 713-569-4204

Paul Kopecky- CARPENDEUM™

I make handcrafted furniture, sculptures, lamps and art creatively designed with an industrial bent using all my skills learned over a lifetime of wood and metalworking. Most of all, I enjoy sourcing the reclaimed materials and the inspiration that comes from finding new ways to use existing items. My furniture makes use of a variety of elements : steel, copper, iron, and the entire spectrum of hardwoods: oak, pecan, birch and maple. I get great satisfaction from making something that works perfectly for a customer’s environment, something custom and unique that can’t be purchased at any retail store. 713-315-7150

Reflections Jewels

Reflections Jewels Reflections Jewels Reflections Jewels Reflections Jewels

With her love of the outdoors, it is only fitting that jewelry artist Michelle Hoting's designs are a direct reflection of nature. Her pieces combine the elements and textures of nature with the use of natural stone, fine silver, sterling and copper often combined with found natural objects such as acorns and twigs, seeds and leaves. 713-557-1904

Adri's Art

Original folk art - I am Adriana Whitney, a self-taught folk artist.
I work on canvas and wood. My favorite medium is Acrylic and crackle
effect. I love to experiment with mediums, paper, buttons, wood and I also
love to create primitive cloth and clay dolls with an antique feeling. 832-805-2855

Twisted Vines Glass

We offer a selection of fused glass pieces and stained glass pieces- jewelry and home decor all handmade in my studio. Fused glass pieces are kiln annealed to ensure durability. Stained glass pieces are made using the copper foil method (also called Tiffany style).

May-n-Ais Findings - Chrissy Doolen

Artfully Crafted Unique Personalized Jewelry. Handmade PMC (fine silver) Sterling Silver with a twist of copper and brass on occasion. One of a kind, different unique designs. Priced perfect for gifts. Custom work for all your needs and price points. 281-259-8447

Art by Alicia

Abstract oil and acrylic paintings on canvas ranging from a medium to large scale that are ready to display with or without a frame. Photography consisting of wildlife, architecture, landscape or just day to day images captured naturally. Pictures come in both black and white and a very colorful scale. Images come framed, unframed and matted in an 8x10 format.

Studio Greenbean

Sustainable jewelry and fine art prints. Each piece of jewelry is lovingly handmade using steel wire and freshwater pearls, contrasting the industrial look of wire with the classic feel of pearls. Prints are hand-pressed onto tree-free paper, featuring minimalist designs inspired by nature and geometry.

Arthur Deatly

My paintings are based from direct observation. I take my French easel out into the city I call home, Houston TX. The subject matter, although always changing, is often the confluence of what I love about Houston; it's buildings, bayous, highways, tree lined streets and lush parks and gardens. I hope you can see the beauty of Houston in my Urban Landscapes. 713-305-6626

Art By Björn

I use a variety of bright acrylic colors applied in sometimes heavy strokes, sometimes not - on a 100% cotton rag paper made by the Fabriano paper mill in Italy - since anno 1264. Michelangelo, Raphael and others used it before me ... 210-421-2172

c.s.ellington (Camille Ellington)

Ellington paints in acrylic, with much water and sometimes sand. Her painting is in an impressionistic style with techniques that feel more like carving. "It has been said that painting is half-way between sculpting and drawing," she says. "It is a wonderful experience." 936-240-8014

Cammie's Handmade Soaps

All natural, handmade designer soap bars with great designs and scents. Also, exfoliating sugar scrubs and wonderfully scented body and linen sprays. Don't miss Shampooch, my all natural dog flea shampoo bar, and SCRAM!, my all natural insect repellent.

Art Between Spaces: Chris Shenkman

My paintings are abstract in nature and themes vary depending on my vision and/or methodology being utilized. I like experimenting with new techniques and may incorporate wood, plywood, wire, sand, or other media into the usually brightly colored acrylic paint design. I also enjoy the 'hard edge' technique, so many paintings have a geometric flair. 713.452.9557

Flying Fish Beads

Original dolls by Flying Fish Beads, Ginger Page

Fabric art dolls, jewelry using vintage beads, hand-embellished garments and hand dyed handbags. 713-956-0265

Perle Amies

My creations are handmade and one-of-a-kind, with unique vintage elements carefully handpicked from antique markets in France. In designing my creations I combine vintage elements with modern material creating eclectic, elegant and playful pieces, recalling days gone by.

Simply Classy Original Designs by Irene C. Adame

Uniquely designed hand beaded jewelry, made with genuine stones, Swarovski Crystal, and unusual beads.
(281) 489-4726

Jack Connelly

Varied styles ranging from military/aviation, surreal/sci-fi, realism and abstract paintings. Detail-oriented works composed of oil and acrylic on canvas. 832-462-4474

Urbani Art

Abstract paintings in acrylics and oils.

Mary G. Wilkinson Painter/Printmaker

by Mary G. Wilkinson by Mary G. Wilkinson by Mary G. Wilkinson by Mary G. Wilkinson

Light and texture studies. My subject matter is abstracted from the garden
and other immediate surroundings, usually but not limited to botanicals. Read more.

JH Jewelry Studio

One of a kind dichroic jewelry. Art to wear = Earrings, Pendants and Art Glass. By artist Jeanne Haner.

Metalicity Mobile

Sculpture, art metal and jewelry designed and fabricated by Jeff Woodruff

Delafield Pottery

Artist and potter John Delafield makes a wide range of wheel thrown stoneware pottery
using rich earthtone clay and glazes designed for everyday use.

Lacey Crawford

I build my own panels from wood then paint nostalgic scenes of soft circuses with barnyard animals and other surprises.
My works are of varying sizes, colors, and animal species, ranging from 4" x 4" to 36" x 48". 713-812-7007

The Silver Acorn

We all have the desire to belong and to connect. From the first cave drawings to today's company logos or school mascots, we have used shared symbols to communicate with each other, form social and religious communities, remember together, comfort or inspire each other, and share our life stories. Symbols reflect what we are often unable to put into words. I collect symbolic antique and vintage wax stamps, wax seals from antique documents, and intaglios from the Grand Tour, from which I handcraft beautiful symbolic fine silver and bronze wax seal jewelry that has unique meaning or enduring symbolism. 281-794-1180

Lang's Design Studio - Lisa Lang

Lang's Design Studio - Lisa Lang Lang's Design Studio - Lisa Lang Lang's Design Studio - Lisa Lang

With a view of the trees at my table I sit, kneading and working the clay. Until forms and shapes appear. After they are baked and cooled, they are glazed, hand painted or left naked. Then they are crafted into necklaces, earring or bracelets.
713-446-4035 Facebook- Lang's Design Studio

Linda Hardy

Linda Hardy is a self taught mixed media artist. Her pieces are a mixture of folk art, sculpture and mixed media, using an assortment of papers, acrylics, silver leaf, vintage hardware and embellishments. Commissions welcome.

My blog 832-434-6332

The Great San Saba River Pecan Company

Norman Fekete opens a new window

Gourmet Preserves all have Pecans in them. Peach Pecan Amaretto, Raspberry Pecan,
Jalapeno Peach Pecan,Orange Pecan. Pecan Pie in the Jar. 281-342-8117
Great Pecans.Com

Regina Parkinson

Most of my work is medium to large scale acrylic, oil pastel, or mixed media inspired by nature with a modern edge. While pieces range from whimsical to abstract, they generally incorporate a high contrast pallette and texture created by layering either paper, modeling paste or paint. I work to evoke a sense of joy or a feeling of connection to flora and fauna. It has been referred to as "happy art".

Rhonda Lanclos

Dog paintings on paper mounted on canvas or panel.

Steve Harris Photography

Black and white and color fine art photography, which includes framed, unframed and matted, and a series of folk art 12"x12", hand made wooden boxes which showcase the images in a very unique way. I will also have my recent book, "Texas Troubadours" for sale. 713 385-9055

tic Jewelry Designs

Unique design in women's jewelry using Swarovski Crystal, the finest stone and pearls available, and .925 sterling silver.

T.D. Snider

Acrylic, House Paint, Mixed Media, Collage, etc. on Wood, Canvas, Metal, Board, Found Pieces, etc., and Found Object Sculpture. Basically, whatever I can lay my hand to. I can do a lot with a little.

Taylor Clendennen

Taylor Blaine Photography by Taylor Clendennen Taylor Blaine Photography by Taylor Clendennen Taylor Blaine Photography by Taylor Clendennen Taylor Blaine Photography by Taylor Clendennen

Encaustic wax paintings with mixed media and photography.

Tim Herschbach

I am a landscape and nature photographer living in Houston, Texas. My goal is to seek out inspiring rural locations and subjects, either natural or man-made, and capture them with the medium of photography to create fine art of the highest quality. 713-454-9468

McCord Works

McCord Works McCord Works McCord Works McCord Works

I have been crocheting since I was eight years old. I like to work in a very small scale, producing tiny lace doilies, encircled in sterling silver as jewelry. I also make larger doilies from vintage patterns and frame them under glass. 713-899-2814 Newsletter, bio & more!

Cultured Critter Collective

The Cultured Critter Collective is home to unique monsters, animals, and other fun creatures. I strive to impart whimsy, humor, color, and lots of different textures into my work. All of my pieces are handmade (urban vinyl art toys are personally customized by hand), and one-of-a-kind. Adopt a critter today- they're always on the look-out for cool people to take them home!

Nancy and Tuz Adams at

We take the ordinary tin can and elevate it into an unusual and beautiful piece of art with the help of a torch and hand molding. Every item is hand cut with no patterns creating a patina and shape unique to that particular can. Just like the armadillo....he's an enjoyable mystery! Lanterns create elegant illuminations....Planter/windchimes sound from lids...Creatures that make you chuckle....and sculpture you simply enjoy either inside or out in the garden. All cans are donated...creating a circle of useful life for Mr.Tin. 281-462-0323

Sam VanBibber

What is Steam Punk Jewelry? It gets its popularity from a growing resistance to corporate modernization, the mass commercialization of virtually everything, coupled with the surge of nostalgia for all things vintage and antique.
All jewelry is hand assembled, one of a kind and created by me and is 99% re-purposed or recycled found pieces,Broken unrepairable vintage jewelry,wind up watches, gears and other found objects that were considered "junk" and ready to be tossed away. I have rescued them and made beautiful Art pieces to be worn and cherished. 832-748-2470 See more!

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Each month we host non-profits and other groups. This is who you'll find this month.

Benefit Betties

Benefit Betties

Benefit Betties is a non-profit organization based in Houston, TX. The Betties were founded by a handful of Houston hotties in 2011 as a response to a friend’s request that a calendar be sent to his deployed unit overseas. Not having a calendar of her photos, fearless leader, Al E. Cat, called on a few friends to ask if they would like to get together and have a care package party. It was so much fun and felt so good to give back to these men and women that the gals decided to form a group to continue the tradition set forth by pinups of the past. And thus, the Benefit Betties were born.

The Billy Pilgrim Traveling Library

The BPTL is a Houston-based, non-profit traveling library and bookmobile-for-hire. As a traveling library, we travel around Houston with our own collection of literature, music, and film, and lend our items out in accordance with membership-based plans ($5/year for one item at a time, $20/year for five). As a bookmobile-for-hire, we empty out the space and make the truck and ourselves available as resources for other organizations (public libraries, artists, schools, local businesses, etc.) to utilize however they see fit (library card drives, pop-up galleries, etc.)


Imagine the convenience of having a car when you need one, without the hassles or cost. That’s Zipcar.

Just join, reserve online or on a smart phone, unlock with your Zipcard, and drive away. Every trip includes gas, insurance, and 180 miles per day. Best of all, your membership goes with you wherever Zipcars are available in the US, Canada, and UK. Get more information at The Zipcar Street Team will be on-site at the First Saturday Art Market on April 5th from 11am – 5pm to answer questions and provide special rates to consumers who want to become members.