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The Monthly Rosters

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The December 6, 2014 Roster

Chandana Paravastu

My work is internally driven and an expression of my love for color. My current portfolio consists of - Botanical, Abstract series "Play" and a Jute series. Although oils are my competence I love experimenting with various gel and iridescence mediums.

Eugene John Hughes

Currently I am generating abstract, expressionist paintings using primarily acrylics as my tool of experimentation. Toss a Pop Art influence into the mix to round out what impacts my style. Mixed media is an increasing influence with many works incorporating plaster, copper wire, organic elements - sand, salt, rock, glass as well as print media. A few even include a favourite old shirt to worn to wear again. My art is diverse in subject and is extremely colorful and textural. It should provoke more than one sense in you.

Kimberly Schwarzkopf

With over 15 years experience in visual arts, I mostly enjoy working with acrylics, graphite and ink. My work has been described as "eccentrically high in detail" and that sums it up pretty good! My ideas are all creations from my own silly little brain, and I live for the smile on people's faces when they see my work... that's what it's all about for me and why I create. My motto is simple: have fun with everything and always question the possibility! 832-361-0239

The Silver Acorn

We all have the desire to belong and to connect. From the first cave drawings to today's company logos or school mascots, we have used shared symbols to communicate with each other, form social and religious communities, remember together, comfort or inspire each other, and share our life stories. Symbols reflect what we are often unable to put into words. I collect symbolic antique and vintage wax stamps, wax seals from antique documents, and intaglios from the Grand Tour, from which I handcraft beautiful symbolic fine silver and bronze wax seal jewelry that has unique meaning or enduring symbolism. 281-794-1180

Paul Kopecky- CARPENDEUM™

I make handcrafted furniture, sculptures, lamps and art creatively designed with an industrial bent using all my skills learned over a lifetime of wood and metalworking. Most of all, I enjoy sourcing the reclaimed materials and the inspiration that comes from finding new ways to use existing items. My furniture makes use of a variety of elements : steel, copper, iron, and the entire spectrum of hardwoods: oak, pecan, birch and maple. I get great satisfaction from making something that works perfectly for a customer’s environment, something custom and unique that can’t be purchased at any retail store. 713-315-7150

Christina Lynn Todaro

On several occasions, I have been told that no one sees the world the way I see it, and I take it as a compliment. I am inspired by nature and my daily interactions. My paintings juxtaposition extraordinary objects, places, and things to create a metaphor for the way I am feeling. When I am creating I move fluidly through the process with sensitivity to my emotions and materials, and let the product naturally unfold before my eyes. In my paintings, I want to evoke excitement, admiration and concern to understand a different way of thinking. I want to give the viewer a chance to let go of daily pressures and submerge themselves into a world of freedom and beauty.

For me, “art is my passionate obsession that has been a strong constant in my life no matter what else is happening. Art has given me LIFE and I want to inspire others.” " 832-642-5140

Meraki Artists

Meraki Artists Consortium is a group of four artists who work in mixed media with a specialization in polymer clay. We all live in the Houston Texas area and feel that life is reflected in our art. Each of us has a style all her own from whimsical to elegant. Our designs include jewelry, vessels, purses, and other objects. Some include fine metals such as silver or gold and all are created with the intent of fostering good will in the eye of the beholder.

The word ""Meraki"" [may-rah-kee] is an adjective that modern Greeks often use to describe doing something with soul, creativity, or love — when you put ""something of yourself"" into what you're doing, whatever it may be.

Betsy Fraser, Joey Barnes, Paula Kennedy, and Milli Jewell welcome you to our Meraki world of polymer art!
713-526-6831 Read their bios here!

AEM Gallery

Blue Dog meets Far Side ... would be a good description. My art is whimsical and fun. Sometimes it will make you laugh out loud and sometimes you will smile inside. But it will always make you feel good. 713-816-2877

Rocket Girl Glass

I create fused glass in my studio; beginning with sheets of glass, I cut, stack, and shape pieces and then fuse them together to create original functional art. Most are sandblasted and fire polished to give a matte finish to add an extra dimension to the art piece. Example of my work and contact information can be found at

Ralph & Nell Parker

In addition to Ralph’s traditional gouache landscapes and Nell’s mini florals, Ralph and Nell are now creating a collection of small, whimsical works of art they refer to as “Desktop Gems”. Many of them are collaborative works of imagination, with each of them doing a part of the artwork to create a colorful quirky piece of art. (469)569-1183

Sergio Santos

One Stormy Night by Sergio Santos Fell In Love With a Zombie Girl

I generally work in projects. Some of the projects draw from pop or subpop culture, but most of the other bodies of work are visual allegories. My paintings contain figures, actions, imagery, and/or events that convey an underlying meaning or emotion. I enjoy embracing humor where it surfaces and am unafraid of vibrant colors. 832.659.5608

tic Jewelry Designs

Unique design in women's jewelry using Swarovski Crystal, the finest stone and pearls available, and .925 sterling silver. 713-385-0459

T.D. Snider

Acrylic, House Paint, Mixed Media, Collage, etc. on Wood, Canvas, Metal, Board, Found Pieces, etc., and Found Object Sculpture. Basically, whatever I can lay my hand to. I can do a lot with a little.

Terry Fromm

I make small objects with metal, some wearable and some not. My sterling silver jewelry line contains flowing designs that mimic fabric, ribbons, or leaves. My holloware collection is made from a variety of metals, primarily pewter, copper, and brass, and includes both functional and decorative pieces. 832-275-2168

Arthur Deatly

My paintings are based from direct observation. I take my French easel out into the city I call home, Houston TX. The subject matter, although always changing, is often the confluence of what I love about Houston; it's buildings, bayous, highways, tree lined streets and lush parks and gardens. I hope you can see the beauty of Houston in my Urban Landscapes. 713-305-6626

Cultured Critter Collective

The Cultured Critter Collective is home to unique monsters, animals, and other fun creatures. I strive to impart whimsy, humor, color, and lots of different textures into my work. All of my pieces are handmade (urban vinyl art toys are personally customized by hand), and one-of-a-kind. Adopt a critter today- they're always on the look-out for cool people to take them home!

fLuxe Jewelry - Kristen Kramlich

Unique hand forged and oxidized jewelry.
fLuxe Jewelry flirts with a balance between soft and edgy forms and is inspired by many styles, including art deco, Aztec pottery, & modern graphic design. fLuxe Jewelry is a line made from copper sheet metal and patina chemicals. Soft, playful colors compliment the sharp, geometric edges. 713.299.6286

Lisa Morales Mixed Media Collage

Yes, It’s paper! My collage process begins when I paint and texture paper of all kinds to create my "palette." At any given time I have over 1,000 sheets of painted paper in every hue. Papers will include sheet music, sandwich wrappers, dictionary pages, etc. The paper is torn by hand and placed individually. Take a closer look. You might find a piece of poetry or a technical drawing hiding in plain sight. 713-240-1227

Amanda Armistead

I am a multimedia artist focusing on the formal aspects of Art--line variation, texture, rhythm, color, space, etc. My original drawings, watercolor paintings, and other elements are encased within layers of mixed-mediums. The nature of the mediums dictate the compositions and ensure that no two are alike. They are created on custom made wood panels which eliminates the need for framing. 281-796-7445

Anahit Burke

Acrylic landscapes and abstract paintings. I get my inspiration from nature and process it through all my feelings and emotions. The result is shown in my art work as a way to express myself. If any of my art will make anybody happy for a moment, my mission is accomplished. 281-543-9868

Cammie's Handmade Soaps

All natural, handmade designer soap bars with great designs and scents. Also, exfoliating sugar scrubs and wonderfully scented body and linen sprays. Don't miss Shampooch, my all natural dog flea shampoo bar, and SCRAM!, my all natural insect repellent.

May-n-Ais Findings - Chrissy Doolen

Artfully Crafted Unique Personalized Jewelry. Handmade PMC (fine silver) Sterling Silver with a twist of copper and brass on occasion. One of a kind, different unique designs. Priced perfect for gifts. Custom work for all your needs and price points.

Darlene Besier

I enjoy working in a wide variety of media and currently my main focus has been creating jewelry redesigns (altered art). I greatly enjoy redesigning jewelry as finding just the right components to collage together into one-of-a-kind pieces is exciting! Another focus is embossed metal art (repujado). Working in 36 gauge metal sheets, I emboss my linear designs which I then embolden with blocks of bright enamel paint. I developed this bold style of embossed metal from the idea to keep the designs clear and colorful which results in a stained glass quality in its simplicity. My favorite motifs include the sun, sunflower, and heart. It makes me happy when my work brings happiness to others!

Delafield Pottery

Artist and potter John Delafield makes a wide range of wheel thrown stoneware pottery
using rich earthtone clay and glazes designed for everyday use.

Colorfly Studio Art by Jennifer DeDonato

I love paper! My technique is all about paper! I enjoy the simple hands-on techniques that is considered “old school” today and simply consists of paper, scissors and adhesive (yep, that’s pretty much it). I have a Ooh La La collection of paper that inspires me and cutting freehand is my thing. I also like vintage matchbooks and antique print letters. I use old discarded matchbooks and give them a second life. All my matchbook designs are created with the same “technical” way my paper designs are…you guessed it, scissors and adhesive. 281-726-8297

JH Jewelry Studio

One of a kind dichroic jewelry. Art to wear = Earrings, Pendants and Art Glass. By artist Jeanne Haner.

Linda Hardy

Linda Hardy is a self taught mixed media artist. Her pieces are a mixture of folk art, sculpture and mixed media, using an assortment of papers, acrylics, silver leaf, vintage hardware and embellishments. Commissions welcome.

My blog 832-434-6332

K C Original Designs

K C Designs K C Designs

Unique one-of-a-kind hand-crafted necklaces and earrings. Majority are designed with semi-precious stones and love. Visit my web site to view the Calendar for my up and coming shows. (281) 357-5180

Nancy and Tuz Adams at

We take the ordinary tin can and elevate it into an unusual and beautiful piece of art with the help of a torch and hand molding. Every item is hand cut with no patterns creating a patina and shape unique to that particular can. Just like the armadillo....he's an enjoyable mystery! Lanterns create elegant illuminations....Planter/windchimes sound from lids...Creatures that make you chuckle....and sculpture you simply enjoy either inside or out in the garden. All cans are donated...creating a circle of useful life for Mr.Tin. 281-462-0323

Beyond Her Productions

Beyond Her is a collection of artisan housewares, apparel and gifts. We start with original designs, which we screen print on heritage fabrics or print using recycled paper. The look is fresh and modern - meets - natural and organic. We call it Art for Living.
Beyond Her has new lines for fall, including pet accessories (Beyond Fur) and home furnishings (Beyond Her @ Home)

Taylor Clendennen

Taylor Blaine Photography by Taylor Clendennen Taylor Blaine Photography by Taylor Clendennen Taylor Blaine Photography by Taylor Clendennen Taylor Blaine Photography by Taylor Clendennen

Encaustic wax paintings with mixed media and photography.

Arianne Venable

Using art to create dream worlds and capture the abstract view of nature through photography and paper mediums. My work includes digital art, photography and pieces made using origami techniques.

Urbani Art

Abstract paintings in acrylics and oils.

Mary G. Wilkinson Painter/Printmaker

by Mary G. Wilkinson by Mary G. Wilkinson by Mary G. Wilkinson by Mary G. Wilkinson

Light and texture studies. My subject matter is abstracted from the garden
and other immediate surroundings, usually but not limited to botanicals. Read more.

Enchanted Photo Design

My signature style with Enchanted Photodesign offers a luminous, ethereal view of a widely diverse array of subjects, from personal portraits to hard-edged urban views, from wildflowers to vivid graffiti. Far more than a business name, Enchanted Photodesign describes my approach to photography itself, a highly characteristic expression of my worldview, which creates a unique and immediately recognizable body of work. 713-320-2713

Monique Weston Jewelry

Photo by Jeremy Pierson

Monique Weston's unique art jewelry has earned accolades from the Houston Press, Papercity, 002Houston and other respected Houston press outlets, and a loyal following of clientele. Her pieces showcase an eclectic mix of repurposed materials, all of them unexpectedly beautiful. 713-444-4955

Metalicity Mobile

Sculpture, art metal and jewelry designed and fabricated by Jeff Woodruff 512-496-4375

The Hanging Pendant by Michelle Hickman

The Hanging Pendant by Michelle Hickman

The Hanging Pendant believes in the uniqueness of each person. The word Unique is defined as -the one and only, having no like, unusual, rare, extraordinary, different, uncommon, distinctive, special. The word Individual is defined as -single, separate thing or being, particular, distinguished from others by special characteristics. The word You is defined as -Yourself, all of you, you alone. Our pieces are designed for an uncommon, distinctive, particular, separate being that is rare and extraordinary and special, a single being... You! 936-788-3008

RSA Creations

Unique Gifts from Reclaimed Wood: Cutting boards, Bowls, Salt & Pepper Mills, Fine Writing Instruments and Wine Bottle Stoppers are just a few examples. Each month I add new products. 832-276-8557

Therese Tusa

Nationally published photographer who captures nature's small but wondrous subjects in gorgeous, natural light! I mainly photograph flowers, beautiful insects, dew drops, and occasionally Grizzly Bears. 713.247.9388

Sheryl E. McDonald

Art has always come naturally for Sheryl, and while shopping in Round Top, TX, Sheryl found an armless mannequin. Sheryl brought the sitting female figure home and named her “Mandy.” Mandy sat in the McDonald household for a year, almost as a part of the family. It was in the spring, 2007 when Sheryl woke up with a wonderful idea. Mandy became Sheryl’s canvas as she used a very detailed technique using hundreds of photographs that transformed Mandy into a unique art form. Since completing Mandy, Sheryl has completed several other mannequins, both male and female and now stars and other objects such as tables & home furnishings. Continue reading here.

Jimmy D. McDonald

Mixed media, I paint the background on canvas or wood panel & mount my photos printed on canvas to alum with stand-off spacers to create a multi-layered surface.. 281-770-8205

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