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The Monthly Rosters

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January 17 2015 Artist Roster - 3rd times a charm!

Arthur Deatly

My paintings are based from direct observation. I take my French easel out into the city I call home, Houston TX. The subject matter, although always changing, is often the confluence of what I love about Houston; it's buildings, bayous, highways, tree lined streets and lush parks and gardens. I hope you can see the beauty of Houston in my Urban Landscapes. 713-305-6626

Annette Kinslow Original Art Jewelry

Wire wrap jewelry featuring dichroic glass, handmade lampwork beads and sea glass. I use sterling silver, gold filled and copper wire. All the dichroic glass is made by the artist. The jewelry I make is for people who want the unusual, exotic and beautiful. 832-466-1412

C.S. Ellington

Ellington paints in acrylic, with much water and sometimes sand. Her painting is in an impressionistic style with techniques that feel more like carving. "It has been said that painting is half-way between sculpting and drawing," she says. "It is a wonderful experience." 936-240-8014

Maggie's Meltdown

Maggie's Meltdown produces jewelry in both precious and alternative metals. The designs come straight out of Maggie's head and she does her best to reproduce what she sees. Maggie had studied with & been influenced by Thomas Mann, Richard Salley, Andy Cooperman and Rosy Revolver. The work runs the gamete from modern minimalist to industrial gypsy and all points in between. 713-906-6880

Christina Lynn Todaro

On several occasions, I have been told that no one sees the world the way I see it, and I take it as a compliment. I am inspired by nature and my daily interactions. My paintings juxtaposition extraordinary objects, places, and things to create a metaphor for the way I am feeling. When I am creating I move fluidly through the process with sensitivity to my emotions and materials, and let the product naturally unfold before my eyes. In my paintings, I want to evoke excitement, admiration and concern to understand a different way of thinking. I want to give the viewer a chance to let go of daily pressures and submerge themselves into a world of freedom and beauty.

For me, “art is my passionate obsession that has been a strong constant in my life no matter what else is happening. Art has given me LIFE and I want to inspire others.” " 832-642-5140

Darlene Besier

I enjoy working in a wide variety of media and currently my main focus has been creating jewelry redesigns (altered art). I greatly enjoy redesigning jewelry as finding just the right components to collage together into one-of-a-kind pieces is exciting! Another focus is embossed metal art (repujado). Working in 36 gauge metal sheets, I emboss my linear designs which I then embolden with blocks of bright enamel paint. I developed this bold style of embossed metal from the idea to keep the designs clear and colorful which results in a stained glass quality in its simplicity. My favorite motifs include the sun, sunflower, and heart. It makes me happy when my work brings happiness to others!

Darrel Jefferies

Abstract paintings on studio canvas. U.V. Varnished acrylic paint. 805-340-7109

Ellie Teramoto Photography

I am a fine art nature photographer. I choose a camera as my tool because the art I see in nature is so real, so I do not want to alter it too much. A camera lets me see the world that animals and plants see. Through the lens, I imagine what it is like to be them. I would like my viewers to feel closer to the nature I see and remember that this is such a beautiful planet we live in. 713-471-5088

Eugene John Hughes

Currently I am generating abstract, expressionist paintings using primarily acrylics as my tool of experimentation. Toss a Pop Art influence into the mix to round out what impacts my style. Mixed media is an increasing influence with many works incorporating plaster, copper wire, organic elements - sand, salt, rock, glass as well as print media. A few even include a favourite old shirt to worn to wear again. My art is diverse in subject and is extremely colorful and textural. It should provoke more than one sense in you.

Bonnie Blue

I am an artcar artist and creator of THE WOMEN ROCK ARTCAR. I do caricatures of people on TEXAS river rocks. I can do about 10 in an hour. I hand pick every rock I use from different rivers in Texas, I have drawn close to 5000 people on rocks and love to tell people YOU ROCK as I hand it to them. 713-649-6931

Cammie's Handmade Soaps

All natural, handmade designer soap bars with great designs and scents. Also, exfoliating sugar scrubs and wonderfully scented body and linen sprays. Don't miss Shampooch, my all natural dog flea shampoo bar, and SCRAM!, my all natural insect repellent.

Flying Fish Beads

Original dolls by Flying Fish Beads, Ginger Page

Fabric art dolls, jewelry using vintage beads, hand-embellished garments and hand dyed handbags. 713-956-0265

JH Jewelry Studio

One of a kind dichroic jewelry. Art to wear = Earrings, Pendants and Art Glass. By artist Jeanne Haner.

Colorfly Studio Art by Jennifer DeDonato

I love paper! My technique is all about paper! I enjoy the simple hands-on techniques that is considered “old school” today and simply consists of paper, scissors and adhesive (yep, that’s pretty much it). I have a Ooh La La collection of paper that inspires me and cutting freehand is my thing. I also like vintage matchbooks and antique print letters. I use old discarded matchbooks and give them a second life. All my matchbook designs are created with the same “technical” way my paper designs are…you guessed it, scissors and adhesive. 281-726-8297

Delafield Pottery

Artist and potter John Delafield makes a wide range of wheel thrown stoneware pottery
using rich earthtone clay and glazes designed for everyday use.

Evolved Metal by Jonatan Lopez

Jonatan Lopez is an interdisciplinary artist living in Houston Texas. His performance and installation works address personal struggles and issues of debate, often becoming self-healing rituals and social experiments seeking to open valuable community dialogue. His sculpture and commercial works employ recycled metals and found objects, ranging from life size figurative sculpture to metal crafts. He experiments with other art forms such as video and sound.Continue.

Kimberly Schwarzkopf

With over 15 years experience in visual arts, I mostly enjoy working with acrylics, graphite and ink. My work has been described as "eccentrically high in detail" and that sums it up pretty good! My ideas are all creations from my own silly little brain, and I live for the smile on people's faces when they see my work... that's what it's all about for me and why I create. My motto is simple: have fun with everything and always question the possibility! 832-361-0239

Lacey Crawford

I build my own panels from wood then paint nostalgic scenes of soft circuses with barnyard animals and other surprises. Once in a Blue Moon (or Super Moon) I'll jump out of my comfort zone and do a theme. October 2014 theme is Voodoo Tiki Lounge, using iconic 'mid-century' images from the 50s and 60s.
My works are of varying sizes, colors, and animal species, ranging from 4" x 4" to 48" x 48". I do custom work (commonly known as commissions) but must adhere to an artistic license to preserve the creative quality of the work.

Michelle Bowers

I use natural fiber such as wool, alpaca, and angora as my media, transforming the raw fiber by hand dying and using a variety of felting and surface design techniques in my creative process. My style is expressive and impressionistic and centers on vivid colors and textures to create striking visual movement. My representational art is primarily landscapes and botanical images. I also creates stunning non-representational art in the process of exploring composition, medium, and color. 281-299-9049

The Hanging Pendant by Michelle Hickman

The Hanging Pendant by Michelle Hickman

The Hanging Pendant believes in the uniqueness of each person. The word Unique is defined as -the one and only, having no like, unusual, rare, extraordinary, different, uncommon, distinctive, special. The word Individual is defined as -single, separate thing or being, particular, distinguished from others by special characteristics. The word You is defined as -Yourself, all of you, you alone. Our pieces are designed for an uncommon, distinctive, particular, separate being that is rare and extraordinary and special, a single being... You! 936-788-3008

The Great San Saba River Pecan Company

Norman Fekete opens a new window

Gourmet Preserves all have Pecans in them. Peach Pecan Amaretto, Raspberry Pecan,
Jalapeno Peach Pecan,Orange Pecan. Pecan Pie in the Jar. 281-342-8117
Great Pecans.Com

Paula Baker - 504zArtist

Using sponges, a thick application of acrylic paint captures the personality of each image, making it come alive in the painting. The focus is always the light...for without light, there is no color..and without color, the grey clouds hide the sunshine, preventing a deadbolt from unlocking the possibility of a Golden expression. Emerald greens, fire engine reds, ocean blues, and Canary yellows are accented with the darkest blacks and the lightest whites. Wild colors create a methodical dance across a stark white canvas. 337-288-6527

Ryan Benson

Through my photography I simply strive to draw the viewer in by capturing what I felt when I was there. I have primarily focused on shooting landscapes that display the drama and variety of the natural world. Secondarily I love to photograph scenes and objects that clearly represent an untold history. I find the mystery of an untold story in the dented hood of an old pickup or barn to be enchanting and engaging. To summarize, I wish to capture the overlooked stories that surround each one of us and give them a voice. (281) 726-6724

Sergio Santos

One Stormy Night by Sergio Santos Fell In Love With a Zombie Girl

I generally work in projects. Some of the projects draw from pop or subpop culture, but most of the other bodies of work are visual allegories. My paintings contain figures, actions, imagery, and/or events that convey an underlying meaning or emotion. I enjoy embracing humor where it surfaces and am unafraid of vibrant colors. 832.659.5608

T.D. Snider

Acrylic, House Paint, Mixed Media, Collage, etc. on Wood, Canvas, Metal, Board, Found Pieces, etc., and Found Object Sculpture. Basically, whatever I can lay my hand to. I can do a lot with a little.

Tim Herschbach

I am a landscape and nature photographer living in Houston, Texas. My goal is to seek out inspiring rural locations and subjects, either natural or man-made, and capture them with the medium of photography to create fine art of the highest quality. 713-454-9468

Vena Ashley

Whether the photo or piece of art is on paper, canvas, wood or metal, artist Vena Ashley's work is always a testament to her energy, creativity and passion for life. As Vena continues to grow, so does her art and photography. Please enjoy Vena's art and contact her here if you are interested in commissioning her or purchasing a one of a kind photo. 832-868-0242

T.L. Staley

I create Acrylic abstract paintings & landscapes, portraits of people and animals. I also use other mediums in my paintings and drawings to achieve the look I desire, depending on the particular piece. (Oil, latex, mixed media/collage, colored pencil, pastel, embossing, etc.) My life's work has been in the arts. I get my inspiration from nature, people, animals and process it through expression in my art. Currently I have been doing many commissions for pet portraits and abstracts. If I can bring joy to someone with my artwork, this brings me great satisfaction. I am constantly evolving as an artist and strive for mastery of my craft. My art is available both as original and in printed versions. 281-705-9299

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