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T.D. Snider

Acrylic, House Paint, Mixed Media, Collage, etc. on Wood, Canvas, Metal, Board, Found Pieces, etc., and Found Object Sculpture. Basically, whatever I can lay my hand to. I can do a lot with a little.

Read an interview.
Read an interview

What they used to say about me - "Arguably one of Houston's most prolific artists, Tim Dean Snider is said to live in 48 hour days. Reflecting the intensity of one whose creativity verges on compulsion, his obsessively rendered works span a variety of forms, media, subjects, and aesthetic approaches."

(from an old press release about the Studio gallery and Dig101 shows - also, "a regular contributor to the Yale Street Arts and Flower Market") - pretty much, except that i am older now and unable to work for days on end anymore without physical consequence.

Being driven by an unknown, the compulsion, to work, constantly, though, has never gone away. I work everyday, regardless. I would be no good at this if I did not. My oldest daughter says I am obsessed, and she's right. I cannot stop.