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The Atomic Nightingales - Alyson Poston Fahl on keyboards, Susan Jackson on violin, accordion, guitar and vocals, Wendy Elizabeth Jones on guitar and vocals, Mona Lawrence on drums, Victoria Logan on bass and Mary Allen on guitar and vocals.Lara Catalani of Renise Dichards and the Wild ThingsNiko LorraineJoAnna Jetton and The HumbuckersAlexis A. Moore, Alex J. Garza & Wendy Elizabeth Jones

February 7

11 am

From Austin, Texas ... Alyse Black

3 pm ~ Chaz Nadege, Jimmy Lee Deen & Wendy Elizabeth Jones Details coming soon!

Upcoming Performers

February 7, 2015 - 11am - Alyse Black

March 7, 2015-11am - Jim DePitts Headliner Hope Cassity

April 4, 2015 -11am - Amy Goloby Headliner Charlie and The Regrets

May 2, 2015 Headliner: Leslie Krafka at 3pm

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