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Michelle Hoting Jewelry Artist

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With her love of the outdoors, it is only fitting that jewelry artist Michelle Hoting's designs are a direct reflection of nature. Her pieces combine the elements and textures of nature with the use of natural stone, fine silver, sterling and copper often combined with found natural objects such as acorns and twigs, seeds and leaves. 707-791-4680 Email Michelle

It was 20 years ago in a stone cutting class at UT Austin that the ah-ha light came on and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life and only recently that I have decided to do it for me! Iíve expireinced it all, Cartier, Bulgari, Iíve repaired and refurbished jewelry for the finest antique jewelers in the country and Iíve been inspired by them all. I love jewels! I love wearable, livable jewelry. Jewels are meant to be worn and lived in, not holed away in the dark safety deposit box.

Recently I have been taking old vintage and antique jewelry finds and giving them new life by reinterpreting them into something modern and wearable. My repurposed jewels are a balance of metals and textures, old and new, real and faux, wearable, livable art. "