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Artist Rosters

May 7 2011

Southeast Texas Labrador Retriever Rescue

Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home neglected, abused and unwanted Labrador Retrievers throughout the Southeast Texas Region including Houston and the surrounding areas.


The beauty of the beach and its birds, fish, shells and life itself is what I try to express with my art. Often with a sense of humor. Oil and mixed media paintings/collages, recycle art in mixed media.
979-373 7263

Pettus Touŕe Mitchell

Pettus Touŕe Mitchell Pettus Touŕe Mitchell Pettus Touŕe Mitchell

For nearly a decade, artist Pettus Mitchell has traveled around the United States gleaning inspiration for his future works as well as displaying his art at local festivals and art galleries. His paintings run the gamut from historical portraits of the African Americans migration north in the 1940s to their current return to the modern south. Some of his pieces are inspired by cultural phenomena specific to the late 20th century, such as the popularity of video games and the rise of the digital era. Pettus himself is an accomplished graphic artist; he is also a CGI animator. His work is prominently featured at the Center for Southern Folklore and he is a mainstay at the Centerís annual Memphis Music & Heritage Festival. Mitchell made his first appearance at First Saturday Arts Market in March 2011.

Pennies From Heaven Designs

Pennies From Heaven Designs creates art and more for the eclectic soul. We incorporate a little bit of pop art, a dash of flash art and a touch of Tex-Mex into our work. We believe life should be full of color and our art reflects that feeling.

AEM Gallery

Blue Dog meets Far Side ... would be a good description. My art is whimsical and fun. Sometimes it will make you laugh out loud and sometimes you will smile inside. But it will always make you feel good. 713-816-2877

David Lloyd

I have been working as a fine artist for 10 years, showing in prominent galleries in New Orleans, California, and Houston. I am an award winning artist, with my most recent being a ""Merit Award"" at the 2011 International Show at Houston's very own WAS-H. I work primarily in acrylic on a variety of supports, including canvas, paper, and panel. My style is traditional with a modern flair, and my subjects are as various as the day is long.

Edgar Hernandez

Since an early age he has loved drawing, animations, music and all kinds of art. He is an accomplished bass guitar musician, and has recorded an album with Warner Music with his own band. Today, he continues to design, create and animate his own characters using computer animation. After years of experience working and teaching in the computer graphics field, he has begun to work hands on with various sculpting media.

LeeAnne Domangue

I work with Acrylics, Oils, Mixed Media, Metals on Canvas, and Wood Panel to create contemporary abstract works. I love producing textured surfaces; and I use finishes that range from Ultra Matte to Glossy, and now have moved to Resin coatings which are so current. I feel that my pieces are able to be used in a modern way as well as transitional decor and as an eclectic piece in a traditional setting. Photos are unable to depict the true nature of the work because the textures and finishes really make the art to me, so please come see in person.

S.Mick Art

My name is Shannon McDonald. I'm a Houston area photographer. In May 2010, I graduated from Sam Houston State University with a double major in Photography and Graphic Design. Not only do I love to shoot photos and design but I also paint and draw. I love to create art in all different forms of medium!

Vickie Neal

Vickie Neal has gained attention with her colorful mugs, dinnerware, vases and sculpture through exhibitions at a local Houston gallery and various art shows in Houston and Pearland, Texas. Her work has had exposure on Great Day Houston during a segment in which Debra Duncan toured the beautiful home of Richard Eastman, one of Houston's top designers.

Richard G. Eastman

I love painting in Acrylic, Oil and Encaustic (Oil and Beeswax). The medium I use is always reflective of the mood I am in at that time. However, you will always see lots of color in my work.

Beth Duke-Hunold

Beth Duke-Hunold Beth Duke-Hunold Beth Duke-Hunold Beth Duke-Hunold

Animals, western, portrait, landscape and more.

CRB Artworks by Cindy Babbitt

Cindy Babbitt

Clay designs, pottery, functional and sculptural.
Featured artist June 2007

Darlene Besier

Designing Re-Purposed Jewelry utilizing vintage components is one of my favorite creative endeavors. I enjoy assembling elements into something re-envisioned and one-of-a-kind. Elements may include brooches/pins, sash pins, dress/fur clips, watch fobs, cufflinks, bracelets, earrings, and shoe clips. Other elements may include vintage keys, car emblems, clock ornamentation, belt buckles, buttons, rosary beads, chandelier crystals, and anything else that may lend itself well to design. (continue here) Facebook

Feathered Friends Mementos

Feathered Friends Mementos Feathered Friends Mementos Feathered Friends Mementos

My main artwork media is freehand drawing in graphite and colored pencil. I also work in watercolor and make jewelry and personal items based primarily in using feathers as focal pieces. I accept custom work using your own parrot's feathers in my jewelry items. I also accept custom pet portraits in pencil or watercolor. 832-423-9574

Jack Comeaux

Jack Comeaux Jack Comeaux Jack Comeaux Jack Comeaux, Time (aint no rest for the wicked) 48 x 48  Mixed Media on Masonite

My work is Neo-expressionist in nature. I work in Oil Pastel on top of a gouache underpainting. The supports are either paper (framed) or masonite panel on 1 1/2" stretcher bars. I am building a more "market friendly" friendly body of work as some of my earlier pieces are a bit raw and personal.

Heartwood Creations by James Watson

by James Watson, opens a flickr photo page

Native and exotic wood Is turned to shape and voids may be inlaid with crushed stone or metal filings.
Read the article in The Journal of Friendswood

JH Jewelry Studio

One of a kind dichroic jewelry. Art to wear = Earrings, Pendants and Art Glass. By artist Jeanne Haner.

John Lynch Photography

John Lynch Photography John Lynch Photography John Lynch Photography

Black & white fine art landscapes and urbanscapes with a selection of color images. Locals ranging from New York to Vancouver with stops in New Orleans, Texas, & New Mexico.

Evolved Metal by Jonatan Lopez

Jonatan Lopez is an interdisciplinary artist living in Houston Texas. His performance and installation works address personal struggles and issues of debate, often becoming self-healing rituals and social experiments seeking to open valuable community dialogue. His sculpture and commercial works employ recycled metals and found objects, ranging from life size figurative sculpture to metal crafts. He experiments with other art forms such as video and sound.Continue.

Karla Cisneros of Blue Crab Studio

Jingle Shell Cross necklace - coral beads and shells on red leather Orange Star

Blue Crab Studio specializes in the design and creation of one-of-a-kind furnishings and
accessories that celebrate the beauty of seashells and the pleasures of seaside living.

Lacey Crawford

I build my own panels from wood then paint nostalgic scenes of soft circuses with barnyard animals and other surprises. My works are of varying sizes, colors, and animal species, ranging from 4" x 4" to 48" x 48". I do custom work (commonly known as commissions) but must adhere to an artistic license to preserve the creative quality of the work.

McCord Works

McCord Works McCord Works McCord Works McCord Works

I have been crocheting since I was eight years old. I like to work in a very small scale, producing tiny lace doilies, encircled in sterling silver as jewelry. I also make larger doilies from vintage patterns and frame them under glass. 713-899-2814 Newsletter, bio & more!

Simply Classy Original Designs by Irene C. Adame

Uniquely designed hand beaded jewelry, made with genuine stones, Swarovski Crystal, and unusual beads.
(281) 489-4726

Linda Hardy

Linda Hardy is a self taught mixed media artist. Her pieces are a mixture of folk art, sculpture and mixed media, using an assortment of papers, acrylics, silver leaf, vintage hardware and embellishments. Commissions welcome. 832-434-6332

Paper Bling by LuAnn Harrison

Individually hand folded pieces of Origami mixed with a variety of beads to form unique necklaces and earrings.
No two pieces are exactly alike. Read More! 713-410-3886

Milagritos de Arte

Shadow boxes - A shallow rectangular box with a transparent front used to protect and display small items. A lot of creativity goes into making shadow boxes. I use found objects, personal mementos, imagination and various media.

MariLeon & Company

I design and make fused glass pieces. My husband makes, and powder coats all metal components (stands and bases). He also makes all electrical components for our lighting pieces.

Mary G. Wilkinson Painter/Printmaker

by Mary G. Wilkinson by Mary G. Wilkinson by Mary G. Wilkinson by Mary G. Wilkinson

Light and texture studies. My subject matter is abstracted from the garden
and other immediate surroundings, usually but not limited to botanicals. Read more.

Metalicity Mobile

Sculpture, art metal and jewelry designed and fabricated by Jeff Woodruff 512-496-4375

Glass Art by Don and Pam

Glass Art by Don and Pam Glass Art by Don and Pam Glass Art by Don and Pam

Ceiling Fan Pulls, sculptures and mobiles made with original lampwork beads, Swarovski crystal, glass and wire.

Beyond Her Productions

Beyond Her is a collection of artisan housewares, apparel and gifts. We start with original designs, which we screen print on heritage fabrics or print using recycled paper. The look is fresh and modern - meets - natural and organic. We call it Art for Living.
Beyond Her has new lines for fall, including pet accessories (Beyond Fur) and home furnishings (Beyond Her @ Home)

Regina Parkinson

Most of my work is medium to large scale acrylic, oil pastel, or mixed media inspired by nature with a modern edge. While pieces range from whimsical to abstract, they generally incorporate a high contrast pallette and texture created by layering either paper, modeling paste or paint. I work to evoke a sense of joy or a feeling of connection to flora and fauna. It has been referred to as "happy art".

T.D. Snider

Acrylic, House Paint, Mixed Media, Collage, etc. on Wood, Canvas, Metal, Board, Found Pieces, etc., and Found Object Sculpture. Basically, whatever I can lay my hand to. I can do a lot with a little.

Urbani Art

Abstract paintings in acrylics and oils.

Jamie Johnson Artist

Jamie Johnson Artist Jamie Johnson Artist Jamie Johnson Artist

The majority of my work is pen on paper. Their abstract, surreal, sweeping lines from nature often contast against structured lines of society. The multifarious detail is complicated and unique. Though often working in black and white, I find great joy in bright and brilliant colors. I offer both originals and limited addition prints. I also experiment with Acrylics on large canvases, dabble in mixed media, and play the photographer in natural and remote settings. Read more here.

Michelle Hoting Jewelry Artist

Reflections Jewels Reflections Jewels Reflections Jewels Reflections Jewels

With her love of the outdoors, it is only fitting that jewelry artist Michelle Hoting's designs are a direct reflection of nature. Her pieces combine the elements and textures of nature with the use of natural stone, fine silver, sterling and copper often combined with found natural objects such as acorns and twigs, seeds and leaves. 707-791-4680 Email Michelle

Macarize by Yvette Schmiz

Macarize by Yvette Schmiz' Macarize by Yvette Schmiz' Macarize by Yvette Schmiz'

My designs are original and created from organic or recycled materials. Pieces tend to be asymmetrical with unexpected texture or pattern combinations. Everything is handmade caters to a younger crowd who is always on the go. Earthy hues and intricately simple designs makes my work unique, timeless and practical.

Delafield Pottery

Artist and potter John Delafield makes a wide range of wheel thrown stoneware pottery
using rich earthtone clay and glazes designed for everyday use.

Nate's Recycled Art

I make recycled art using found and repurposed items from around the Houston area. Fun, colorful, unique, funky and eco-friendly are the ways I would describe the items that I create.

Cammie's Handmade Soaps

All natural, handmade designer soap bars with great designs and scents. Also, exfoliating sugar scrubs and wonderfully scented body and linen sprays. Don't miss Shampooch, my all natural dog flea shampoo bar, and SCRAM!, my all natural insect repellent.