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Clay Hearts Pottery

Unique hand-built earthenware pottery finely decorated with glazes made by the artist that are like watercolors done by a student of the painter Monet. 512-847-0880

Arthur Deatly

My paintings are based from direct observation. I take my French easel out into the city I call home, Houston TX. The subject matter, although always changing, is often the confluence of what I love about Houston; it's buildings, bayous, highways, tree lined streets and lush parks and gardens. I hope you can see the beauty of Houston in my Urban Landscapes. 713-305-6626

Dania Olivares - DoKo Casual Art

Amazing Mixed Media paintings and wood art that can make your space and lifestyle UNIQUE. We also offer personalized art that fits your needs and style. We are committed to make sure we give you something that will strike your artistic taste." 956-279-4520

Sam Rhea

The art work I am displaying is an impressionistic style of painted portraits of people and animals. The only website info I have is a Facebook account, that is public. I regularly post photos there of art projects. 713-825-0581

Jeremy Pierson - Photographic Artist

Jeremy Pierson is a photojournalistic style artist that strives to capture the true essence of life around him as it happens. Jeremy's recent collections stretch the gamut from wildlife photography, landscape photography, live entertainment photography, dance photography, black and white photography and urban life imagery. Some of his artistic work as well as his commercial photography have been featured in a number of promotional campaigns, editorials and advertisments for businesses in the Gulf Coast states and beyond.


I create and sell original Spirit Blocks. Spirit Blocks are smallish wooden blocks designed to inspire and lift your spirit. These unique mixed media SB's are made from a wide variety of materials including: etched and patina copper or brass metal, rusted fabric, glass beads, found objects, and so much more! Connect with your Spirit Block and place it on a nearby window sill or desktop to inspire you throughout the day.

Glass Art by Don and Pam

Glass Art by Don and Pam Glass Art by Don and Pam Glass Art by Don and Pam

Ceiling Fan Pulls, sculptures and mobiles made with original lampwork beads, Swarovski crystal, glass and wire.

Perle Amies

My creations are handmade and one-of-a-kind, with unique vintage elements carefully handpicked from antique markets in France. In designing my creations I combine vintage elements with modern material creating eclectic, elegant and playful pieces, recalling days gone by.

JH Jewelry Studio

One of a kind dichroic jewelry. Art to wear = Earrings, Pendants and Art Glass. By artist Jeanne Haner.

Urbani Art

Abstract paintings in acrylics and oils.

Metalicity Mobile

Sculpture, art metal and jewelry designed and fabricated by Jeff Woodruff 512-496-4375

McCord Works

McCord Works McCord Works McCord Works McCord Works

I have been crocheting since I was eight years old. I like to work in a very small scale, producing tiny lace doilies, encircled in sterling silver as jewelry. I also make larger doilies from vintage patterns and frame them under glass. 713-899-2814 Newsletter, bio & more!

Cultured Critter Collective

The Cultured Critter Collective is home to unique monsters, animals, and other fun creatures. I strive to impart whimsy, humor, color, and lots of different textures into my work. All of my pieces are handmade (urban vinyl art toys are personally customized by hand), and one-of-a-kind. Adopt a critter today- they're always on the look-out for cool people to take them home!

T.D. Snider

Acrylic, House Paint, Mixed Media, Collage, etc. on Wood, Canvas, Metal, Board, Found Pieces, etc., and Found Object Sculpture. Basically, whatever I can lay my hand to. I can do a lot with a little.

Therese Tusa

Nationally published photographer who captures nature's small but wondrous subjects in gorgeous, natural light! I mainly photograph flowers, beautiful insects, dew drops, and occasionally Grizzly Bears. 713.247.9388

Vivian Le Flore Mora

In creating my pieces, I want viewers to feel them as much as they see them. I combine realistic images with the elemental use of color and texture. I strive to induce a feeling that renders words somewhat inadequate. 713-385-5548

fLuxe Jewelry - Kristen Kramlich

Unique hand forged and oxidized jewelry.
fLuxe Jewelry flirts with a balance between soft and edgy forms and is inspired by many styles, including art deco, Aztec pottery, & modern graphic design. fLuxe Jewelry is a line made from copper sheet metal and patina chemicals. Soft, playful colors compliment the sharp, geometric edges. 713.299.6286

Brent Kramlich

My work consists of minimalistic sculpture with a mathematical foundation. Specific parts of a form can be given more emphasis with the addition of vibrant colors of spray paint. I continually cross over from abstract to realistic as I seek out new shapes inspired by unusual lifeforms. 281.455.8261

Eugene John Hughes

Currently I am generating abstract, expressionist paintings using primarily acrylics as my tool of experimentation. Toss a Pop Art influence into the mix to round out what impacts my style. Mixed media is an increasing influence with many works incorporating plaster, copper wire, organic elements - sand, salt, rock, glass as well as print media. A few even include a favourite old shirt to worn to wear again. My art is diverse in subject and is extremely colorful and textural. It should provoke more than one sense in you.

Kit Allen

Paintings created using mixed media (chalk, acrylic, pastel). Sizes range from 10"x12" to 4'x8'. Prices range from $40 - $4000 281-257-8455

Art by Alicia

Abstract oil and acrylic paintings on canvas ranging from a medium to large scale that are ready to display with or without a frame. Photography consisting of wildlife, architecture, landscape or just day to day images captured naturally. Pictures come in both black and white and a very colorful scale. Images come framed, unframed and matted in an 8x10 format.

Chelten's Photo Gallery

Stop by Chelten's Photo Gallery...Check out the unique works of art! Chelten's Photo Gallery, offers a variety of photographs and digital art subjects for home or business. Art pieces are available with or without custom mats and frames. Custom mats and frames can be ordered on site. 936-520-7486

Jon Hughes

As an artist, I specialize in digital painting, and in general prefer to draw people. I like conveying emotion and energy with my work and I'm always seeking to learn more and improve in my work. 281-755-8255

Lauren Luna

One of a kind ode to shoes! Every woman's first true love. From fashion illustrations, to encaustic with rhinestones, Luna's art combines fashion and fine art. Some of the illustrations were actually made into functional works of art as footwear! 888-945-5553

Cinetiko - Kinetic Art

Organic art pieces composed of colorful lines in layers that need of the spectator to create movement and vibrations in the colors. Each piece is different and each create its own different movement to the viewer. Great conversation pieces that will look amazing in any kind of home or office decor. 832-643-0884

Naeem Ahmad

I have always loved nature, and I think that I am drawn to it because of it's beauty. I grew up in Pakistan, which is very different from Houston, but nature goes beyond those differences. I want my paintings to tell a story, and hopefully the viewer feels that they are part of that story, if I have done it right. 713-679-0081


Vintage glass plates are under-appreciated and should be displayed. I have taken them to the next level by incorporating them into stained glass panels. … no two are alike and each an inspiration. Other obsessions I am currently working on are glass dragonfly garden stakes, fine bone china mug night-lights, and broken china necklace pendants. This will be my first time showing at “First Saturday” so come by to say “Hi”, and check me out. 832-334-7935

Becky Cisneros

Hand painted mixed media. My discipline is Abstract expressionism and surrealism with a twist. I work in vivid color and use a unique approach to textures and mediums. Constantly exploring my work is always evolving. I currently create on canvas, canvas board, glass and plexiglass. 832-512-2936


I have always liked making things and finding things. The lines shapes, patterns and textures that you find in nature give me inspiration. I started designing fabric prints from my photography and turning them into pillows, brooches and hair pins. All the photography that I take is in Houston (mostly the Heights area) and I display the prints in vintage or found frames that I refinish. I like to incorporate modern and traditional techniques in my work. From digital printing to hand painting, the mix of old and new has always intrigued me. 713-899-4206

Kim Kaiser

Artist Kim Kaiser was born in The Netherlands and moved to The United States when she was 14 years old. Kim works predominantly in watercolor, but paints in oil as well. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts at Texas State University in 2005 and has since then been working as a freelance artist. Kim currently lives and creates in Garden Oaks, Houston with her husband, 2 year old daughter and 14-year-old Golden Retriever.



Nancy and Tuz Adams at

We take the ordinary tin can and elevate it into an unusual and beautiful piece of art with the help of a torch and hand molding. Every item is hand cut with no patterns creating a patina and shape unique to that particular can. Just like the armadillo....he's an enjoyable mystery! Lanterns create elegant illuminations....Planter/windchimes sound from lids...Creatures that make you chuckle....and sculpture you simply enjoy either inside or out in the garden. All cans are donated...creating a circle of useful life for Mr.Tin. 281-462-0323

K C Original Designs

K C Designs K C Designs

Unique one-of-a-kind hand-crafted necklaces and earrings. Majority are designed with semi-precious stones and love. Visit my web site to view the Calendar for my up and coming shows. (281) 357-5180

The Hanging Pendant by Michelle Hickman

"The Hanging Pendant by Michelle Hickman"
The Hanging Pendant believes in the uniqueness of each person. The word Unique is defined as -the one and only, having no like, unusual, rare, extraordinary, different, uncommon, distinctive, special. The word Individual is defined as -single, separate thing or being, particular, distinguished from others by special characteristics. The word You is defined as -Yourself, all of you, you alone. Our pieces are designed for an uncommon, distinctive, particular, separate being that is rare and extraordinary and special, a single being... You! 936-788-3008

Michelle Hoting Jewelry Artist

Reflections Jewels Reflections Jewels Reflections Jewels Reflections Jewels

With her love of the outdoors, it is only fitting that jewelry artist Michelle Hoting's designs are a direct reflection of nature. Her pieces combine the elements and textures of nature with the use of natural stone, fine silver, sterling and copper often combined with found natural objects such as acorns and twigs, seeds and leaves. 707-791-4680 Email Michelle

The Great San Saba River Pecan Company

Gourmet Preserves all have Pecans in them. Peach Pecan Amaretto, Raspberry Pecan,
Jalapeno Peach Pecan,Orange Pecan. Pecan Pie in the Jar. 281-342-8117
Great Pecans.Com

tic Jewelry Designs

Unique design in women's jewelry using Swarovski Crystal, the finest stone and pearls available, and .925 sterling silver. 713-385-0459

Tim Van Riper

Tim makes highly-crafted items from candle lanterns to star-branded boxes to various types of furniture at affordable prices. Latest pieces include lanterns that use compact fluorescent bulbs and have panels made of translucent wood and stained glass. My lanterns are available in several styles from table versions to a wall-mounted version. Some use antique Edison-style light bulbs. Woods include oak, cherry, walnut and reclaimed woods.

Susan Goettsche

photo by Elaine Mesker Garcia

Mixed Media on Canvas, abstract and not.