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Artist Rosters

Gary Bachers

by Gary Bachers by Gary Bachers by Gary Bachers

Gary Bachers' work is created with Prismacolor pencil on Duralar film. The result of his intricate layering is a vibrant work resembling paint. The full moon is usually present in his work as well as other signature features.

Gary Bachers is an artist in the small Texas town where he was a popular family physician. His art career began after a 1987 stroke stole the use of his right hand, and his ability to produce language, written or spoken. Since then he has discovered a new language of visual art. Over the years he has made the medium of colored pencils his own, progressing from his first rough compositions to an innovative layering of delicate pencil marks.

Bachers’ work has been called “silent conversations”. He frames the conversations, asking us to open our eyes and listen.

The circular design abounds in Bachers' work, usually in the form of full moons and stylized patterns of trees and foliage. These mandala-like compositions, evoking in design and decorative detail those from ancient and spiritual traditions, reflect Bachers' meditative creative process as he works to achieve the psychic wholeness which the mandala represents. "