April - May & June are sold out -- Available Markets Begin With July

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Welcome to ...& Welcome Back to First Saturday Arts Market!

The market is ten years old in March 2014 - and continues its original mission to allow artists to showcase their work directly to the public in a festive atmosphere. I am Mitch Cohen, founder, market manager and artist myself.

Before you signup, let me tell you who we are. We are artists. We paint, mold, sculpt, pound, hammer, repurpose, sketch, color, thread, sew, melt, bend and generally create from a drive within us that we do not know where it comes from.

If you are an artist, in any medium, you are welcome to register for this curated show.

You're not an artist if ... You sell something that was not originally yours, a kit, buy/sell, direct sales company or manufactured. Additionally, if the materials are not at least 80% yours (beaded jewelry is an example) - then you might email me first to see if you even qualify.

Jewelers, if the materials you use are not at least 80% made by you, you will most likely be declined. This includes beaded jewelry, unless you make your beads. Jewelry is the most competitive category, and each market has limited space.

Multiple, identical looking things, like crosses, pens etc., generally don't get in. Nor do gimmicky art, like a 2 minute painting ... no school letters, logos or iconic works either.

If you're an artist, and just considering signing up, read what some of the other artists have to say about trying out First Saturday Arts Market on this page. Click here.

Food Vendors - we can only accept trucks with a City of Houston medallion. Please contact me directly.

More? Sure, below the photos! Or get started here with the details.

Design it, create it, sold by you, "BRING IT!"

Show your stuff, baby....the world needs you. People who make things with their hearts and hands are the greatest balm to the soul. The world needs you, Houston needs you, I need you, and you will never regret just throwing your hat in the ring!

— Artist Kiki Neumann

What else do I get?

You get a lot - I love this market. I really do. When I started it in 2004 it was from the heart, a spark of an idea that I thought could work. Each month I have faithfully sent out press releases, email newsletters and partnered with businesses and nonprofits that will help get the best and most effective exposure for the artists. Each artist gets their own page on the website, we use the blog and I actually write a newspaper column now that adds to the exposure.

After ten years, all that hard work has paid off in many ways that truly affect the bottom line for many, your wallet. Sales have continued to climb each year and now, most markets sell out a month or more in advance and a wait list ten deep is not uncommon during our most popular shows.

Local musicians are a big draw and we get the best in Houston's popular food trucks. Lately too, companies have approached us to give you perks, from dental plans, automotive to complementary beer. (As seen above) You, the artist, ARE kind of a big deal! (Coined by market regular, Jeanne Haner, glass sculptor)

That's me being a goof.

First Saturday Arts Market isn't a place to sell off your older works, your school assignments, or your cast-off experimental art - it is an art venue where true artists can display their best work, work that has reached a level of polish and refinement. It is a low-brow / high-end collection of dedicated artists, craftspeople, and artisans who take complete pride in their work and understand that this isn't just a local market ~ it is one of Houston's best treasures. It is a place of community: a great venue to meet others in our field who care about their craft, where extreme generosity and constructive criticism are given and taken well, a place where we all can continue to grow and expand our skill set and social circles. — Artist Lacey Crawford


  • We are an outdoor event, rain or shine.
  • Only original art, with the artist present is permitted.
  • No resale, manufactured, direct sales or craft foods.
  • You provide all your own setup and display equipment.
  • A 10x10 tent with weights is required. (We are on pavement)

Curated Event and Deadlines

  • All art mediums are welcome -however this is a fine art and contemporary fine craft event with a limit on space. To keep a balance and the focus on fine art, some mediums are limited.
  • Submissions are curated by the manager and on occasion, the attending artists themselves.
  • Final deadline is the Friday, one week before event date, however …
  • First pay, first in after acceptance. Many shows sell out long before deadline.
  • Refunds − 100% without question on or before deadline. None after with few exceptions.

Dates & Times

  • The market is open year round on 1st Saturdays.
  • Day shows are currently Sept-May 11am - 6pm
  • Summer evening shows are June, July & August 6 − 10 pm
  • Special event dates: August, November & December. *Prices, rules and times may differ.
  • Your registration is good towards any shows produced by Mitch Cohen.


  • Registration must be filled out.
  • Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit is required. Click here to obtain one.
  • Photos must be submitted include 3 or ‘’’more’’’ images that best represent your work.
  • Include booth shots if available.
  • Jewelers - we look for materials that are made by you; glass, metal, ceramic etc. Include work station photos, materials and booth shot with your registration photos.


  • We attempt to notify you within two weeks of submission.
  • Acceptance letters include the following:
  • Payment options, setup info, marketing materials and how to get your web page setup.
  • Your first show is the final part of the curating process.
  • With a favorable review, further instructions will be sent to you to attend all other markets.
  • You do not have to go overboard with your display, we just want to verify the artwork you bring represents what you submitted with your registration.


  • Booth space is $80 per market day year round. After final approval, optional payment methods and discounts are available. Fees may increase during special events.

Booth Sharing

  • Booth sharing is allowed, only two artists per booth and both must be in attendance. All artists must register and be approved prior to attending.


  • Your webpage is included free and is permanent.
  • Food trucks are always on site.
  • Local musicians and bands perform at every show.
  • Restroom is available in store.
  • Assistance setting up and artist relief is available.


FSAM is the best place to get your work seen and appreciated by the appropriate audience. It's built its reputation well and we're lucky as artists to have it as a platform to meet the public. — Artist Sergio Santos

Remember YOU Bring

Bring 10x10 Tent Bring your display equipment Food and drink You might want to sit down Bring a short extension cord Accept Credit Cards! Click to Visit Squareup.com NO incandescent light bulbs, only LED & Compact Fluorescent