This page contains setup and breakdown instructions, any changes will be emailed to you the week of market. A Texas Sales & Use Tax is required and must be on display during market hours.

Location First Saturday Art Market
Address: 548 W. 19th St. Houston TX. 77008
Fall/Winter/Spring Hours: 11am to 6pm
Summer Evenings 6-10pm

Most of the "rules" are common sense, ie: notice your neighbors, be respectful of the space, throw out your trash etc. The following are "musts." Please make note of them.

—Thanks Management

  • Setup Times are firm, if you come earlier expect to wait! Early breakdowns are not tolerated.
  • If you can not make it on the day of the event, you must call the market manager.
  • - "No show - No Calls" get 3 to 6 months off from attending the market.
  • Do Not block the alley.
  • Abide by the parking rules


  • Begins at 9 a.m. (always 2 hours before opening time.)
  • Check-in with Mitch, unload, park your car, then setup.
  • Before market opens, park your vehicle in designated parking ONLY


  • At Posted Hour 6pm (or 10pm for summers.)
  • Please be courteous, do not "park" your car in loading or unloading zones.
  • Do not leave your vehicle unattended and unlocked - ever!
  • Clean up your space - leave no trace!
  • Dumpster in the back for your bigger boxes, broken chairs and leftovers.
  • Pick up your nails, hooks, string, twisties and spouses.

Be prepared for:

  • Wind- bring weights Rain- tarps, side walls and big trash bags
  • Walking/lifting - bring a dolly or a friend/spouse etc.
  • Comfort - water, snacks, cold, wet, heat- dress properly
  • Make a checklist and check it before you leave home!

On Saturday the market will provide:

  • Your space
  • Electricity (not lights)
  • A break - Need a break and your neighbor is busy? Ask Mitch or Kevin
  • Food - bring your own, restaurants are nearby. Plus our food vendors on site.
  • FSAM does not provide tents, chairs or tables

You Provide Everything else.

  • tents, tables, chairs, lights, display panels.
  • Business cards, wrapping materials, change, twist ties, tape ...
  • SHORT extension cord (s).
  • No 100 foot extension cords. The longer the cord, more wattage is required. (blows the breaker)
  • NO incandescent light bulbs, only LED & Compact Fluorescent

Designated Parking for Vendors

  • You may park in the garage across the street on 20th at Nicholson. Free!
  • NO parking on the street, alley or lot next to the art market.
  • Artists will not be allowed to return if they are found not complying with the parking rules.

And remember:

  • Plan your space before Saturday! You don't want to be in the middle of setup when customers walk up. Come at the earliest setup time to allow yourself time to get organized.
  • Check for traffic problems.
  • First time? Set your tent up at home before you come Saturday. Get familiar and make sure parts aren't missing!
  • Check out Resources for helpful setup tips from other artists, and where to buy tents etc.

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