Art Markets & Show Resources

Where to Buy Stuff

Fixtures International Inc
501 Yale St
Houston, TX 77007

Pro Panels in Dallas, TX
fax 214-350-5765

Go to Montablano's on Shepherd and buy galvanized cattle panels with 4 inch grids.
I believe they are 4 feet x 16 feet. Just get them to cut them in half.
William Panzer

Tips on Setup

One thing I would stress to folks who've never had a booth before is to prepare for wind. Even a breeze, if it's blowing in the right direction, can cause problems. I've had a corner of the tablecloth blow up over my jewelry repeatedly, all day, which sounds trivial but can become a real pain. And of course, panels are famous for blowing over. So when you set up your booth to test it before the show (OUTDOORS, if possible), consider anything and everything that might be affected by wind, and plan how to mitigate the problem.
Along the same line, be prepared for uneven ground. It's always good to have a box of stabilizing stuff: pieces of wood, bungee cords, regular cord, clips, etc. Even weights or sandbags can come in handy, if you have room for them. -Rikki