• I registered and sent in my photos, will I get into the next show?

If you registered early enough, because our space is limited to 40 spaces many months sell out a month early or more. The good news is once you are approved there is no waiting, you can signup for any show you want, up to 4 months early.

  • I don't make everything I sell, but my art really doesn't work without this? Will I be able to get in?

It is understood that some forms of art need support of products not easily made or worth the time involved. We get that. This includes displays and jewelry like chains for pendants etc.


Artists are sent an "acceptance" letter via email upon approval into the art market with payment instructions and can attend one market of their choice. After attending that one market, the artists are sent instructions on how to submit payment for future shows. Multiple shows and discounts are allowed from this point on.

If you did not receive or missed this email, contact Mitch.